Sucklord slinging resin part 3... wait a second, that's not Sucklord!!!!!!! @ SDCC 2011

What's this... this is nonsense, where did Sucklord go... it appears that his sworn arch nemisis Vectar is crashing the 'Global Figure Symposium' booth at SDCC 2011 for one purpose and one purpose only, to sling his crap bootleg figures... oh I guess he is there to cause a scene as well! He actually crashed an Art Hustle 2 trading card giveaway... it's crazy to think this jerk has fans, and they all lined up to buy his brand spankin new Glyos System "VECTAR" figure that came with a purple'ish head and cape! Check out the pictures above, and watch the video that was shot at the event... we caught Vectar in the act, causing mayhem! Hit the jump for more pictures!

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