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Up close and personal with Dunny 2011 designs from 64Colors, MAD, Mishka, and Kronk

Posted up earlier today was the announcement of Dunny 2011... which came with some lo-res hard to see photos... but now we are getting a look at some of the designs in their hi-res beauty... as they were meant to be seen! First up is 64Colors amazing woodland creature Dunny that comes with a cool wooden staff accessory, next up is the elusive (up until now) Mishka chase Dunny... if you want to call it that, no ears here :-) but this all seeing eyeball comes equiped with one sweet chainsaw! Along with those is Kronk's highly detailed Dunny that looks like it winds up, and last by not least is the Zombie biker by MAD... what a crazy cool head sculpt, and that bright green tongue is looking very familiar :-) The more I see em all, the more I dig em... I would love to know your thoughts!!!

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