Up close and personal with Dunny 2011 designs from Huck Gee, DrilOne, and Travis Lampe

Ready for another high-res photos of some great designs from the upcoming Dunny 2011 series... yeah me too... and this go around we get to enjoy pieces from Huck Gee, DrilOne, and Travis Lampe. One of the first things to not about this series is that it contains two chainsaw wielding figures, the Mishka one, and the Huck Gee zombie hunter one above... does this bother me... not at all :-) Also to note, Huck's submissions were created as a set... just look at the zombies hand stuck on the hunter's ear... EPIC! Next in this photo is the rad gas mask wearing Dunny by DrilOne... and how rad is that, they captured Dril's style soooooo well, and it's cool for those collectors who bought custom's from Dril in the same design vein as this late last year! Next up is another newcomer to the Dunny platform as Travis Lampe takes his simplistic illustrative nature, with his patented swooping block nose, and applied it to the Dunny... really making his mark with this beautiful design... and I have a feeling this may quickly become a fan favorite of the series... speaking of, which one do you like?

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