First vinyl test pulls of Jeffrey Lamm' s "M5 BRAVO" & "STEE-GAR" figures

Man... seeing this recent post up on Jeff Lamm's Facebook page is truly a breath of fresh air. His first vinyl release late last year, being the Greasebat, some would argue may just be the best toy of 2010... and now 2011 is here and is ready to see his "M5 BRAVO" & "STEE-GAR" vinyl figures come to life. The photo above is just that, a sweet looking vinyl test pull where these new, interchangeable figures, are mash-up up looking really good together. The head and the legs are from "M5" and the torso is from "STEE-GAR" minus the wings and Jeff states that "hopefully both will be released within the next 5 weeks, everything is going as planned." So it's been said, and now you know... start saving for this release... these two figures are going to be very sought after.

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