7 Bones first figure announced by ThreeA

It's no secret that 3A toys are some of the most addicting toys made out there. Of those different brands they make the Popbot TK's are some of the most cherished and collectible you can find, often times driving the original TK's into higher prices that leave many without a chance at them. That is until this year. In late 2009 Ashley Wood, Popbot creator, and ThreeA co founder announced that they would be making a very special set of TK's (1:6 figures) titled "7 Bones" These TK's would be a elite squad with their own unique story. 2010 passed and as speculation reached it's peak Ashley announced that due to high shipping prices and the almost certain large packaging associated with creating a seven pack, they would be releasing the 7 Bones individually.

Fast forward to this week when we got our first glimpse of the 7 Bones. The first figure, named Wasabi shows the classic TK head and hair sculpt. (For those unaware TK's or tomorrow kings are clones so the faces are always the same while the hair sculpts change) Also shown are a departure from the standard TK shoes. This time Wasabi comes wearing black chucks and sporting a TK sword as well as RPG launcher. No word just yet on pricing other than it should be one of the most affordable in this new "Classic" line of TK's. Also at this time there is no word on a sales date though Feb was mentioned.

Also at this time beyond the classic "7 Bones" announced Ashley also dropped hints that 2011 would see the arrival of the TK archer, a new Interloper MK2 as well as the fabled "Punk King" the leader of the TK in the Popbot world and leader of the resistance against the Mortis. Already it's looking like a great year from 3A.

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