Free Goodie Friday 01/21/11 on SpankyStokes.com - Win 2 x "Guan Yu" vinyl figures

So who's ready for for another Free Goodie Friday... I know I am, and thanks to the great folks over at DeKorner we are fortunate enough to be bringing you all this amazing figure, along with a special incentive raffle! First up the giveaway... DeKorner has donated 2 black "Guan Yu" vinyl figures that were only released at Designer-Con 2010, and now you have a chance to win one. This 12" figure is HUGE, is highly detailed, and is ready to find a new home. There are a few ways to enter the contest... which are listed below.

Ways to enter:
1. Sign up for the DeKorner mailing list HERE.
2. Follow DeKorner on Twitter HERE.
3. Like DeKorner on Facebook HERE.
Not too shabby huh? 3 ways to enter, and 2 people will walk away winners... hop on this opportunity people, FREE stuff is good :-) As for the special incentive raffle we mentioned before... DeKorner is also giving away a 'AUSPUBLIC' Large Martin bot from 3A to someone who buys anything from their web store HERE beginning Friday, January 21st until Monday, January 31st! You have 10 days to pick something out of their MASSIVE online store, and remember with every purchase, you are entered to win, so head on over HERE and start shopping!

Wow, thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! We had a great turnout and it was great to see you all going above and beyond... following, friending, and liking DeKorner... and why not seeing as they are hooking YOU up with free stuff:-) once all the dust settled we had 2 winners... congrats goes out to both Michael King and Robert Losito... two of the luckiest SOB's in the toy scene. Thanks aonce again to DeKorner for putting together a rad prize package, and don;t forget to buy something from their online store in the next few days to win a 'AUSPUBLIC' Large Martin!

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