"Skeleton Cavey" twitter contest... get going!

We introduced you to Cavey last month HERE, and now it's time for you to get a little more up close and personal... how you may be wondering, well to win one of course! Cavey is launching it's first global competition, and is putting up a very special "Skeleton Cavey" which was produced in a run of only 6 pieces, and were given to press and reviewers only, so they will not even be available to buy! So do you feel special, because you should knowing that all you need to do is follow @heycavey on Twitter and tweet the following message, filling in the blank....
eg. “I’d love to find a ______ Cavey! #caveycomp @heycavey”
Get creative – What breed of Cavey would you like to find? Cowboys? Spacemen? Sweeties?! I’d love to know. Make sure you leave in the #caveycomp hashtag so your entry can be followed! A winner will be picked when @heycavey reaches 200 followers so get your friends to follow him :) Also to note that the official launch and sales for Cavey goes live on Monday, June 28th, 2010!

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