"Boreas" & "Helius" custom Icebats from Lunabee

Lunabee just dropped info on two new customs that are set to drop tomorrow Tuesday, June 14th, 2010 at 7pm London time in her online store HERE. These custom icebats named, "Boreas" and "Helius", are totally handpainted 1/1 and are completely clean in design. They are retailing for $70 a piece which is a steal for the detail and craftsmanship put into each one!

The story behind "Boreas" and "Helius":
"They are brothers who dwell in the Caves of Glacier to the North of Booshka. Despite being brothers they are polar opposites. Boreas generally enjoys sleeping, forming icicles and watching the odd sacrifice from afar by the local tribes. Sadly neither brother is allowed to attend the sacrifices anymore due to Helius and his tendency to set fire to anything he lays his eyes on, including, most recently, the tribal master's eldest son. Despite Helius being unruly and devilish, Boreas looks after him and tends to the cuts and scrapes he often comes home with using his healing icy powers."

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