FAS custom "Venom" 3A Bertie

Alex aka FAS has been an awesome presence in the vinyl toy world, primarily on the KR boards, and time and time again he continues to impress everyone with with his fantastic customs... case in point, his latest custom on a 3A Bertie figure which he transformed into one of his favorite characters "Venom". Alex says "After seeing the small hole on the top of the Bertie, I instantly thought Venom, and knew where to apply his tongue for a Venom takeover." This piece, although unassuming, I would have never thought in a million years to turn a Bertie into Venom, but it turned out great, and if this catches your eye as well it's up for grabs... just hit up FAS via fas718@yahoo.com for info on this piece! For more pics visit his Flickr HERE!

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