RAJE Toys "Dr.Brain" figure is on the loose!!!

Jim Freckingham of Robotic Industries 7.5" tall vinyl "Dr Brain" figure is ready to see the light of day, and thanks to UK based RAJE Toys... that time is now! These extremely unique figures are set to be released in 2 colorway's (that we know of) the yellow being the main OG version and the Gray/Red being the 1 outta 6 chase version. "Dr.Brain" is going to be released in a limited run of only 500pcs... an will be available on July 2nd, 2010 from 7pm-9pm at Limited Edition Comix in London England for only US$59.95 a pop! Be sure you all come out for this occasion and say hi to the folks of RAJE Toys and Robotic Industries, and pick up one of these rad figures!

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