*Exclusive* Interview with customizer Jay222

I had the amazing opportunity to finally meet Jay222 at this past years Designer Con, he is super cool and a totally genuine guy, but boy does he make some hideously awesome custom creations that have been infecting all the vinyl toy shows this past year. So who is Jayy222, and where did he come from all of a sudden, what is his background, and why does he create the monstrosities that he does... CLICK THROUGH and find out all of these things, plus much more, in an exclusive SpankyStokes.com interview... enjoy!

1. First off, please introduce yourself, where did you get the name Jay222, and what does the 222 stand for?
Hi, my name is Jay222 and I'm highly addicted to making toys. I choose "222" in 2006; the "222" stands for 1/3 evil.

2. How did you find out about the art/vinyl scene?
I have been collecting toys and comics since I was a kid. My pops used to take me to the comic shop every week, he collected comics like the Tick and Brotha-Man. I believe that started my obsession with this awesome world.

3. I hear ya on that, I used to go to comic shops all the time, so when did you first start to customize figures, and did it start with vinyl or other platforms?
I first started sculpting in elementary school. I made my mom a otter and a bunny in a ninja suit.

4. Haha, a total 180 of what you create now... speaking of... so your style is... um... unique to say the least :-) Where did this spur from?
My style comes from a fascination with monsters. I try to think if humans became extinct and over time, the toys that were left behind evolved into living creatures. I never know what a piece is going to look like until it is done being sculpted, I never sketch them out. I try to let them make themselves, in the end its exciting to me because its kinda like a surprise.

5. So most of us have seen your awesome timelapse videos, how did you get involved with Jack Passion and DJ Qbert?
Both these guys are very inspiring and awesome people. I first met Jack Passion at my work. I complemented him on his kick-ass world championship beard and from that moment we became buddies. I got into skratching because of Dj Qbert, and from skratching I learned a lot about hip hop. Hip hop taught me to take ones passion and to be the best you could be, by practice practice practice. If it wasn't for Qbert I would have never been into hip hop. So I had to contact him, and make him a toy to say thanks.

6. What materials do you use to create your monsters, and how long do they normally take to make from start to finish?
I use a lot of polymer clay. Roughly 8 pounds every 2 weeks. And I have found that Golden paint really gives my pieces the color they need. If I make a big toy that requires real clothing, sometimes I will go into Ross, with the toy, and try to find clothes for it. I have had some pretty funny conversations doing this. Each toy, takes an average of a week.

7. That takes alot of time, how do you find time for life, what do you do for a day job?
I take Friday night off and Saturday. Then the rest of the week its Trader Joes 2-10pm and work on the toys 10:30 to 4am.

8. Awesome, I love Trader Joes... so tell me what can we expect to see from you in the future, toys, shows etc.
Gonna work on collaborating with more artists. I find each individual really grows when working with another artist. I will be putting out a series of prints and a limited run of shirts. (not because limited is cool, but because that's all I can afford) haha, and an upcoming group show on January 29th, 2010 at Thud Rumble Gallery.

9. Trust me, I am in the same boat with the shirts... so tell us something about yourself where fans might be surprised to find out!
I went to Paul Mitchel cosmetology school in San Francisco to do hair. At that school, we had a special 2-day class on horror make-up. So I learned how to cut hair, and how to make a open neck.

10. Oh man, so you can totally cut my hair next time we hang out...DONE! So is there anything else you wanna say to the kind folks that read this blog?
I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this. It has been a awesome ride, being involved with all these "Toy Fiends". Feel free to contact me anytime.


"And... All I know is that this Lo Pan character comes out of thin air in the middle of a goddamn alley while his buddies are flying around on wires cutting everybody to shreds while he just STANDS there waiting for me to drive my truck straight through him with LIGHT coming out of his mouth!"

And now...7 "Quick fire" questions:
1. What is your fullname and/or nickname?
Jason Sawyer

2. Where were you where born?
Daly City, Ca

3. Who taught you the most in life?
Everybody, we are all students

4. Who is your current favorite band?
Balzac, for about 10 years now

5. What's your favorite movie?
Big Trouble in Little China

6. What's your favorite food?
If I'am in a crowd of people, anything dairy, simply because I'am lactose intolerant

7. Who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas, Remember, to be a true ninja you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reveals the ninja's presence.

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