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"Namaskara" custom Cat Kid from Troy Stith

Troy Stith recently finished up a custom Marshall (posted HERE) for art/toy store Dragatomi as a collaborative effort, and he mentioned he hasd a second piece in the works, yet to be revealed... well here it is, introducing "Namaskara" a custom Cat Kid and the 2nd and final collabo custom he's doing with Dragatomi.

Tory says that "My inspiration for this one revolved around the Namaskara Mudra that the cat is doing. Keeping with the welcoming (which the namaskara mudra represents) good luck theme that the cat is known for, I surrounded it with red to welcome Good Luck to anyone's home it lands in. I really liked the Cat Kid toy so I didn't want to add or subtract anything to the toy. Rather I wanted to enshrine it's meaning and looks." The concept behind this custom is seriously sick and very well executed I might add... this piece unlike Barkley, will be shipped out to Dragatomi to live in their store in Sacramento until it sells, so pop on in and check it out in person, and if this is something your diggin, pull the trigger and make the purchase!

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