JonPaul Kaiser - Circus Punk Giveaway

So JonPaul Kaiser just finished another amazing custom with his brilliant black and white stylings that are oh so simple yet oh so AMAZING... and now instead of selling this gorgeous 6" Circus Punk he is gonna try to mix things up a bit, he wants to have a contest to GIVE THIS AWAY!

This is what Jon had to say:
"Here's a very new custom I finished just last night. I've been painting him up whilst waiting for paint to dry on another very large toy. He's a bit of an experiment with a faded black for his stomach tattoo, may paint the tattoo again... Anyway as he's not a commission, he's available and I don't want to sell him, thinking maybe a competition or best trade or something, what do you think?"

To enter, all you need to do is message Jon on his Twitter HERE or on the KR message board link HERE, oh and he will cover shipping costs! The question you need to answer is "How many stitches has he had?" Closest wins... and tie-breaker question, the best name for a tattoo parlor for this guy to visit! This contest will close 22:00 GMT Sunday 7th June, so get you guesses in now!

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