“Into the Darkness” @ 1AM Gallery in SF

Gallery 1AM in San Francisco and DrilOne are the host of an amazing custom toy show titled “Into the Darkness”. This great show is featuring over 60 different artists from all over the world, including US, UK, Japan, Latin America, and Canada. All of these artists took a stab at what they saw as fitting to really recreate that darkness feel. This show will run from June 5th to July 3rd. You have got to CLICK HERE to see an awesome time lapse of the show setup, as well as watch the sideshow above to see some of the RAD entries!!!

Artist’s Include:
64 Colors, ADDEccenteric, Aeirsick, Albert Art, AttemptedArtistry, Ayleen Gaspar, Boompooper, brainstrikers, ARTDENKA, Brian Colin, BrownKidd, Bryan Collins Catherine J. Cruz, Collin David, Cris Rose, D-LuX, DrilOne, Flyin Bear, George Gaspar, Hariken, InfamousAdam, Jenny Wolf, Jon Paul, Kaiser, KaroGaro, Kat Brunnegraff, Keith Poon, Kel7alpha, Kelly Vetter, Leecifer, Leonard Amaral, Lily Black, Lunabee, Lysol, Max Bare, MeSmithy, Mike Maraldo, Nathan Lumm, Nerviswr3k, OsirisOrion, Patrick Francisco, Phoneticontrol, Pretty Poopie, RazhoR, REdYOdA, rustedhalo, Three, TIBONG, Trevor, LouPimentel and Zammit.

This opening exhibition is Friday June 5th, 2009 from 6-10pm. Openings of shows are always great because you will get some of the artists there, and they are all so kind! Most will give out free sketches talk about their pieces of art and are just good company! Please note that this event is free and open to all ages. Music provided by Don Kainoa, Spinnerty, and Bozak Beverages provided while supplies last.

Also to note Gallery 1AM did an awesome interview with Dril HERE, and it is a must read. Dril has been an amazing currator first with his IWG custom show and now with this one, it is going to be great to see what he takes on next, really looking forward to it!

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