"Back" To The King Katch Sculpt from Muttpop

Here are some more progress shots of the King Katch sculpt. I posted about this earlier HERE, and as you can tell from the photos they are making some progress. The detail is phenomenal, and this is going to turn into an amazing figure once completed, actually it is already AMAZING!

Muttpop Bob had this to say about the sculpt and process:
"As we near the final stages of Monster5's King Katch sculpt. it was due time we shared a bit with you! Both pics are from Monster5's latest batch of development pictures. At this stage, I'd say the sculpt is 85% done. We had a few issues with Monster5's teeth and arms, but Monster5 did a wonderful job addresssing them. The toughest thing to translate was King Katch's hair. Compared to the anatomy of the King Katch design, the hair is very abstract and spiky. Monster5 did a good job of maintaining the simplicity of the hair shape while giving it the needed weight and volume in it's three dimensional form. The only thing that will get a makeover from the included photos are King Katch's calves. Fabien wants the calves to be a bit more plump and smooth. In it's current state the calves are a bit too angular and have an unnecessary and overly realistic dimple behind the knee. We have already asked Monster5 to make the necessary changes."
Keep up the great work over there at Muttpop guys, all of our past projects are amazing and the future is looking really bright, and I am really looking forward to your upcoming releases!

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