A visit to Toy2R in Hong Kong

Qee Vinyl Toy Store - toy2r spotvisit in Hong Kong from DRAGONHODESIGN on Vimeo.

This awesome photo montage video and verbage is from Juergen, and you can follow him on twitter HERE. Here recently went to Toy2R in Hong Kong, snapped some shots and threw this together...thanks for sharing man!

Juergen had this to say:
"Hong Kong the heart of Vinyl Toys. As we all know they invented the trend like more less 10 years ago. Today I had the Chance to visit the toy2r store in Kowloon Bay in Hongkong. The Shop is based in a Shoppingcenter which is called Megabox, a interesting big big Shoppingcenter like one of the 500 in this city, hehe. Okay when u enter the Shoppingcenter you see there some Displays along the escalators where famous Designer are exhibit there work for toy2r. Comming up to the third level brings you to there store and u can see a lot of very nice qee and as well a very big one. I was looking around and can not get my finger from some of there DIY Qees so i have had to buy 5 of them. I realy enjoyed the visit there and hope you enjoy the Video. Looking forward to bring you more stuff directly from Asia." DragonHo.

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