YOUZA - Awesome new protype from Indonesia

Recently, I was fortunate enough to run across Youza, this awesome prototype figure on the KidRobot message board, and I just had to find out more information. This is another great product out of Indonesia just like the Rhino Jouwe, and other custom figures. Youza is influenced by organic design, Avant Garde and Pop culture. That's why most of the design elements have been made smooth and dynamic, with a twist of Pop-art, and is self described as an urban creature.

Here are some facts about this awesome figure:
What is the size of this figure?
The size is 10 inch

What is the run size going to be?
The quantity will be around 500 pieces

How much is this going to cost?
Approximately around 90 USD.

Is this figure going to be vinyl, or PVC?
This is going to be produced in vinyl, although the prototype is made in resin.

Tell me about yourself?
My background is an Architect and Interior designer. I make design for a living. My passion is all about creative design. My inspiration is fashion, architecture, toys, art and graphic design.

Are there going to be different colorways?
Yes there are.

What inspired the design of your "YOUZA" figure?
YOUZA is inspired from a Japanese word "Youzai" which means flux or constantly changing. I chose the Japanese word as a name because the Japanese culture is one of my biggest influences in my life. The art, culture, style, architecture is what I admire.

Flux or constantly changing. Every aspect, influence, that came continuously, it's what makes our life to keep on changing and growing. All of these things happened when I designed YOUZA. Lot's of influences came out and eventually that built a whole new idea in shape and style. YOUZA will always transform simultaneously as well as the influences that manifested themselves along the way, giving a whole new enlightenment of bright and fresh ideas. Even though, YOUZA itself will always stand in it's identity, character, and soul that can always be seen and feel through the face and body.

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