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The Chronicles of Professor Fliggins by Shawnimals

Shawnimals is pleased to present...
The Chronicles of Professor Fliggins and his Kerchief Dirigible:

A year-long project showcasing 12 all-new handmade, limited edition plush released monthly, a robust web site featuring the Fliggins "Blobby Log" journal, imaginative diagrams and illustrations, and plenty of odd hilarity. Stay tuned for more details in the days to come.

Professor Fliggins is having a tough time on Professor Island due to his lack of discoveries, and is quickly becoming the laughing stock of his peers! What is he to do? Certainly he can't be a Junior Discoverist forever! Just when he thinks he can't go on, a new discovery leads him to an adventure of epic proportions, far away from his homeland.

Fliggins meets many new species during his journey across Shawnimaland: Hot dogs, Ninjas, evildoers from the Dark Forest, Moustachios and many, many more. Where else where he go? Who and what else will he meet? Will he ever make it home?

You can see other updates as they roll-in by checking the Professor Island mini-site, as well as these other awesome sites pertaining to the online world domination of the soon to be plush uber leader Shawnimals...

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