Darkness Into Light @ Rivet Gallery

Darkness Into Light
@ Rivet Gallery

RIVET is pleased to announce its upcoming counter-culture photography show. Coined Darkness into Light, the group exhibition will feature select pieces by a handful on renowned counter-culture photographers. The exhibition will be on view in RIVET from February 7, 2009 through February 28, 2009.

Darkness into Light is focused on bringing the works of some of the most renowned counter-culture photographers to light in Columbus. Industrial surrealist Jeffery Scott, neo-symbolist John Santerineross, and pinhole camera creator/photographer Wayne Martin Belger are joined by local photographer of note Chas Ray Krider and others for a truly one-of-a-kind exhibition for Columbus. In addition to the excellent photographic contributions, Mr. Belger has been gracious enough to offer RIVET a rare opportunity to exhibit his Yama camera and print installation as part of the exhibition. This outstanding piece of working sculpture is composed of two fully-functional dual-pinhole cameras joined together to and sharing the confining space of a jewel-encrusted 500 year old Tibetan Lama (monk) skull (http://boyofblue.com/cameras/yama.html) which combined produce a 3-dimensional image of what the skull “sees”. Mr. Belger designed and created Yama for two photo series, the first being his interpretation of the incarnation of modern Tibetan deities, and the second being a series in the Tibetan refugee cities of India, a home coming captured through the eyes of a 500 year old Tibetan. Exhibited only once in Los Angeles since its creation and the first appearance of any work by Mr. Belger in Columbus, Yama alone makes Darkness into Light a must see exhibition for any local resident and art lover.

RIVET will host an Opening Reception for Darkness into Light Saturday, February 7, 2009, 7-10pm* plus an extra Closing Reception Saturday February 28, 2009, 7-10pm*. RIVET’s normal business hours are Tues. through Sat., 12pm-7pm, Sun., 12pm-5pm and by appointment.

RIVET is also working to bring Mr. Belger to Columbus for a lecture at CCAD and other special events during the show run, most likely resulting in his public appearance at the Closing Reception Feb 28th (where he will display Yama and more of his one-of-a-kind pinhole cameras).

The following is a current list of participating artists:
JEFFERY SCOTT: Jeffery Scott creates photographic images that stretch boundaries and redefine standards. His photographs are powerful juxtapositions of light and darkness. A full-time photographic artist since 2002, each of Jeffery’s images represents an average of 50 hours of meticulous work layering dozens of images to create a complex environment and setting. Drawing the viewer ever deeper into the artist’s realm of layered philosophies, concepts, stories, and titles.

JOHN SANTERINEROSS: John Santerineross presents a complex aesthetic deriving from his mix of exposure to Catholicism and Santeria as a child, and by his fascination with Greek mythology, world religions, and iconography. Unlike many of John’s contemporaries, his use of digital manipulation is extremely limited. 95% of what you see in the photograph was on set that day. All blurs or distortions are created by either the model moving at his command or objects that are moving in the set by means of a variety of intricate motors, wires, and mobiles. Due to the complexity of his images, John only shoots approximately 12 images per year, making every one of them extremely significant and personal. John’s work presented through his two books, is recognized by many as the definitive example of contemporary neo-symbolist photography.

WAYNE MARTIN BELGER: Taking a truly unorthodox approach, Wayne Martin Belger studies his subject matter intently, and upon reflection, fabricates a new working pinhole camera sculpture to capture his new subject matter exactly as he envisions it. Using a mixture of polished metals, gemstones, glass, horn, bone, ivory, human skulls, human organs, formaldehyde, blood, and relics, Wayne’s cameras are created as a sculptural work of art in and of themselves. His current projects include the construction of a camera to capture the x-ray images shed from electrons speeding through Stanford University’s particle accelerator.

CHAS RAY KRIDER: Columbus resident counter-culture photographer Chas Ray Krider has a long list of well-known former high-profile employers. Most often recognized for his Motel Fetish photographic series, Chas has received world-wide acclaim for his sex noir imagery.

ROBYN VON SWANK: A photographer and director hailing from Los Angeles, California, Robyn enjoys documenting things of immense curiosity and talents. Gifted at capturing the bizarre through the lens of her camera, Robyn can most often be found working on specialized portraits for the over-interested, and on music videos.

SILENT VIEW: An artistic photography project consisting of photographer Silent-View and model Fraeulein Von Rosenfelde. Through special lighting, individual styling, extravagant poses, and striking locations, they create a surreal simulacrum of our world resembling scenes out of a dream, hallucinations, and delusions of joy.

GAYLA PARTRIDGE: Photographer Gayla Partridge leads 666photography, an Austin, Texas based company that specializes in retro/vintage photography that utilizes hand-made props and costumes. Graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, with a BFA in photography, Gayla not only takes all the photos, but she also hand-crafts many of the costumes, accessories and the props, and is responsible for most of the styling in all the photos.

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