MUTT : Artist Series #1 ***SOLD OUT***

MUTT Artist Series #1

So talk about hitting the ground running...not only does tyleR have a show lined up in April for his custom MUTT(CLICK HERE) and on top of that, he is also rocking his very own artist series...which is to release tomorrow!

Here is what tyleR had to say:
So I've been wanting to do "artist series" MUTTs and I finally decided to quit thinking about it, and get the ball rolling. I'm dropping my first one on Monday at 5pm central in the for sale section of the KR boards. The run is limited to only 5, and the accessories used were designed only for this run and will not be reproduced or sold separately. It's a fully functional piggy bank MUTT made of white PVC with "gangsturrr" gold metallic accents. each MUTT is individually numbered and signed by me, and price is set at $40.

These turned out really sweet and the fact that he is kicking off the "artist series" MUTTs with the jiggy piggy bank complete with gold grill and "get money" quote in gold metallic accents, is the right way to do things!

Be sure not to sleep on these folks...they will go fast...you can get to the "For Sale" section HERE, but make sure you sign up if you are not a member, that way you can drop him a PM when these go live!

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