Rudy Fig @ Wizard Sleeve Toys

Over at Wizard Sleeve Toys, not only do they have amazing deals on vinyl figures, but they also feature really cool art! This time around the focus is on Rudy Fig, and her 3 prints, Kitty Cat, Chocolate Lace and Acid Rain, and Blues Labotomy. Each print is 17" x 22" and printed on heavyweight stock, enhanced matte paper, and these can be yours for only $124.99 each!

Some info on Rudy:
Rudy Fig is a minneapolis based painter and toy enthusiast. Her parents were toy designers so she grew up in a pretty creative enviroment. She flunked out of art school in 07 and decided to be a painter. "Its going very well" she says ... Her work has a lot of babes, snails, ice cream, toys and candy coated madness that is just a little macabre.

These prints available at Wizard Sleeve Toys are all signed and numbered by the artist Rudy Fig, and don't sleep on these because they are a limited edition of 50 pieces only, so get yours today! All prints are shipped flat, with care and consideration in mind. If you would like to see more of Rudy's work check out here Flickr and her MySpace.

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