Nerviswrek's custom 20" Qee for Art Basel

Better late than never is a great saying, and boy am I glad this custom was not on the "never" side as creature customizer Gabriel R. aka NervisWrek slayed yet another piece of vinyl with this GIANT 20" green monstrosity. The use of his textures and the muted down color pallet really leads his customs to bring on a life of their own... and check out that set of chompers :-) This Qee was completed for the "Qee to the City" group show at Art Basel 2010 in Miami, and will soon be posted up in the online store HERE for your purchasing pleasure! Keep the goods coming Gabe... amazing work as always!

Miami’s Independent Thinkers | ART BASEL 2010
Casa Wynwood (2135 NW 1st Court)
Time: 4:00PM Thursday, December 2nd

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