Jure Gavran's Scapegoat - Video Review

So seeing as it is 2009, and it is a year of "change" or so we hope, I thought it would be a great idea to invest in some new technology to help aid in the growth of this website as well as helping you as the consumer make decisions on what to buy. So here is the first of many video reviews!

Jure Gavran burst into the vinyl scene this past year showing his Scapegoat at SDCC08, and got a great response, and now seeing as the product is on store shelves is it worth your money...heck yes it is, this is one awesome collectible, and I hope this review does it justice. You can visit Jure's website HERE, and below is a list of online stores that carry this amazing product, and you can see some other articles I wrote on this amazing toy HERE.


Unknown said...

Awesome review for an awesome toy!
Great job.

SpankyStokes said...

Thank you...yeah this has got to be one of the better toys of 2008/2009!

krakit said...

Video reviews are hard to
beat and this one is very
thorough. And your points
answer a lot of questions
we would have.

Great review!

SpankyStokes said...

Thanks Krakit! Yeah I have about 4 more reviews done, but still need to edit them, my only concern is that I hope I don't bore people with my rambling...oh well I guess if i get to bad they can just turn the video off ;-)

Muana said...

sweet vidreview! Great Job!

SpankyStokes said...

Thanks Muanzo, I need your help with compression and what not with Premiere.

The Kaiser Chief said...

Buttcracks and Manboobs!!! Good review. A tad lengthy, but not too shabby at all. Strong work friend!!

Anonymous said...

Weakest review ever!

SpankyStokes said...

Dang...that's not very nice...but at least your honest!