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HoobaThe Red Panda from Patch Together

Hooba Plush
by: Jake Gumbleton

Hooba is a red panda designed by cakeypigdog aka Jake Gumbleton from Nottingham , UK who is a character artist at Free Radical Design and does lots of other art stuff in his spare time. Hooba likes to eat bamboo a great deal. He is a lonely fellow because there are only a few red pandas left.

Size: 12 inch
Medium: PLUSH
Preorders needed to start production: 100
Production time: 1-2 months

So this is called "Creation on Demand", and in this case "Plush on Demand", and how this works is Patch Together needs to get at least 100 pre-orders to make this toy a reality...and to also make this artists vision a reality. So...if you are diggin the design, and can put up $24.95, and you want oneplease help support the artist and the community and head on over to Patch Together and order one today.

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