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Killer Napkins - "The Square Foot Show"

Art Dimensions is hosting "The Square Foot Show", and Killer Napkins has created a couple of canvases for this event, which turned out awesome. I have featured Killer Napkins in alot of my Emptees posts, he is an amazing artist and deserves some recognition. I found these images on a collab blog called "The Empty Place"...check it out here, it features posting from artists such as Lorn, 18andCounting, M DuPree, Killer Napkins, and the great mundane!

More info about the event:
Artists are invited to submit work in any medium and are encouraged to consider many aspects of the theme using a SQUARE FOOT CANVAS purchased from ArtDimensions. Artwork can range from abstract to realism, from personal to political. For more information, please visit artdimensions.org or contact Gallery Director, Gina Weaver at 314-497-5356. Email your inquiries to squarefootshow@gmail.com.

The closing reception will feature musical, performing, culinary and spoken word artists. 20 works will be selected for exhibit at ArtDimensions’ “Off the Wall” Event Dec 13 at City Hall Downtown. Exhibit Director: Christopher Arnold

Exhibit Dates: December 12, 2008 – January 31, 2008 during gallery hours, Wed-Sat, noon-4pm.
- Closing Reception: January 16, 2009, 7:00pm
- Submittals (actual work) will be accepted on December 3, 7-9pm at the 3rd Floor
Gallery, 1214 Washington Ave. STL 63103. OR anytime before this date during gallery hours.
- Un-sold Work may be picked up January 31 during gallery hours.

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