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Esc-Toy's Soopa Coin prize figure revealed!

Soopa Maria Sato
By: Erik Scarecrow

If you purchased a Soopa Coin-Up Bros. vinyl and were lucky enough to get a Soopa Gold Coin you may hold one of the serial numbers that were selected for this drawing that will enable you to purchase the Soopa Maria Sato limited edition figure by Erick Scarecrow. Each 6.75" figure is handpainted, signed, numbered and comes in a custom made box and is limited to 25pcs. worldwide. Price: $90.00 *Shipping & insurance charges are extra. This item ships worldwide.*

Here are the selected Serial Numbers:

1. ESC44118Z2
2. ESCT3311ZZ
3. ESCT110000
4. ESCT45KR00
6. ESCT92336Z
8. ESCA431322
9. ESC4443822
10. ESCT41482Z
11. ESC9119988
12. ESC86791778*
13. ESC9303323
14. ESC9306623
15. ESC97701523*
16. ESC85001422*
17. ESC3000891
18. ESC05402880*
19. ESC85942574*
20. ESCT322200
21. ESCTT21200
22. ESCT454800
24. ESC77711ZZ
25. ESC6341300

If you hold one of the serial numbers that are listed above please respond by sending an e-mail to info@esctoy.com. We will ask you for further info to verify. All payments will be made via Paypal only. If you do not respond to this first email by 12/12/08 you will lose your slot and a new serial will be selected.

Please note that we have records of the customers that exactly own the serial numbers so do not try to produce any fake serials.

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