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Vinyl Toy Network - Neon Wack Pack

As noted before Brian Castleforte a.k.a NiceBunny's has some awesome art, and I have posted about it a while back here. I am really happy and pleased to find out that the vinyl form of his Wack+Blite toys are going to be release in an exclusive colorway...and by exclusive...I mean only 6 of them(well only 4 now...hehehe). Introducing the special, limited edition, Tribalnots colorway, The Neon Wack Pack!

Brian talks about these on his site:
These are very limited, VTN (Vinyl Toy Network) show exclusive, hand painted, resin sculpts, of my Tribalnot characters, known as Wack & Blite.

These neon colored beauties, sculpted and painted by Julie B of Pretty In Plastic, are limited to a series of only 6 figures. Each one stands about 11 inches tall with the arms up. Each comes on it's own base, in a special, handmade package. It also comes with a very limited, 9.5x13" archival print, which are limited to only 10. Each print and figure is signed and numbered.

There are only 4 left, and they are available now, at the NiceBunny Shop.Better hurry if you want one.
It was such a pleasure to meet Brian and I had been eyballin these awesome figures the moment they took their spot on his table last week at VTN. I am honored to have one in my collection and I can not wait to add the original colorways once they get produced!

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