Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JFury vs. MaloApril: The Sculpt & Swap Blind Box Custom Series!

Urban Vinyl Daily have potentially struck gold with this concept: take two talented customizers and have each of them sculpt elements on five Dunnys, then have them switch Dunnys before painting! Titled, simply enough, the "UVD Sculpt & Swap Series," the first outing of the concept partners JFury with MaloApril. Pictured above are the medieval themed pieces sculpted by JFury and painted by MaloApril: Dragon (top, 2/10 ratio), Jester (bottom middle, 1/10 ratio) and Knight (bottom right & left, 2/10 ratio). Then pictured below are the flowery sculpted pieces by MaloApril with paints by JFury: Dew (2/10 ratio), the rose covered chase (1/10 ratio) and Bee (2/10 ratio). All of these pieces are exquisitely executed in every which way possible. Sold blind box style, these will be available on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 9AM Pacific time in the UVD online store for $100 each.