Monday, February 18, 2013

Butcher Brand's "MEGARA" turtle kaiju pre-order!

Butch Adams of Butcher Brand just sent word that his very first vinyl figure, "Megara" is up for pre-order right now HERE for just $35 a pop! This is the first release of his 3.5" tall turtle kaiju, and with this release "Megara" will be in blank black vinyl and blank glow in the dark vinyl... but wait, there's more! As a special treat some orders will actually be painted one-off's by Butcher himself. Don;t miss out on this pre-sale opportunity... this figure looks awesome!

Here is his story...
"Megara is the creation of Lord Mordus, an amazingly powerful space wizard. Megara has been a relentless soldier for Mordus, destroying countless civilizations and worlds. Mordus crosses the line and accuses Megara of disobeying him, unleashing his cosmic powers against the Turtle beast. In their climactic battle, Lord Mordus tears the shell from Megara's body, sending the creature into a berzerker rage. Megara tears Lord Mordus' face armor off of his master and sends him fleeing for his life. Now Megara has donned Lord Mordus' Face Mask as his new shell and trophy. Imbuing him with fantastical powers and abilities, Megara travels through space, hunting Lord Mordus so that he can kill his former Master."