Monday, July 27, 2009

Word To Mother - Young Mind, Old Soul

“It’s called ‘Young Mind, Old Soul’…It’s about retaining the essence of youth but sort of living with an appreciation for yesterday.”
-Word to Mother

In “Young Mind, Old Soul,” Word to Mother combines his acute reverence for memory with the freedom and restlessness of youth. His appreciation for the past is evident not only through his collection of found objects, but also through the hand lettering and weathered texture he applies to them. Integrating the past with the present, Word to Mother’s paintings organically merge fleeting adolescence with nostalgic recollection. Upper Playground’s Alexander Tarrant put this short piece together of Word To Mother describing his own work and you can view it now on Walrus TV. “Young Mind, Old Soul” is on exhibit at FIFTY24SF until Thursday, July 30, 2009.

AW177 x SpankyStokes custom MAD*l giveaway! **WINNER**

We have a winner!!!!
After about a week of figuring out the best entry, Allen narrowed it down to a few and then had to pick one winner for this awesome custom Koi MAD*l! Allen would like to congratulate the winner of the AW177 x SpankyStokes.com custom MAD*L giveaway: droppixel!

Allen says "His entry met a few requirements I was looking for: I wanted to give the Koi Mad*L to someone who collects and supports vinyl and art, to someone who knows and enjoys my past work, and to someone who would really treasure it. I felt his entry met all that and more - he even included a picture of a Koi tattoo that he has!

This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in a long time; I never thought I would get so many entries! There were some entries that totally moved me, but I'm sorry, it wasn't enough to win. However, I am going to contact the runner up and see if there is anything I can offer as a consolation prize!

Thank you to all that participated and I hope you'll continue to support my work! I would also like to thank SpankyStokes.com for an awesome collaboration! I had a great time doing this and hope to do more in the future!"

Wild Ones "Bandidt" Figure at SDCC 09

One of the many things that I look forward to Comic con is the awesome stuff you get to see that you had no idea about! Case in point artist MAXX242 and his awesome vinyl figure titled "Bandit" a collab between the Wild Ones crew! This figure which was only available at SDCC09, was limited to only 50 pcs and sold for $25. The figure stands about 5" tall and sports a Wild Ones hat and tee as well as the hand sign "W" for Wild and the "1" for Ones. This piece comes packaged in a nice window box and is a must for all graff toy collectors!

and his homie were also kind enough to hand over the prints that they are holding up in the picture, where each one they are holding they each respectively designed, and they look great! The Wild Ones crew are a group of super talented individuals, and it was a pleasure to meet up and talk shop for a little while where we found out that this toy came about from a concept that Acorn drew up (same designer as the Blink -182 bunny vinyl, posted HERE), they then came up with some poses to throw him in, once they got that done up, their buddy Arnold drew up the six point drawing, and thry sent it out, for a simple toy, it took a long time to complete, it's their first solo project, and there was a lot of learning along the way. They had Gensen toys produce it for them, and they were very excited when it came through! No word on if this is going to go up online for sale at their store or not, but I will keep you posted, until then enjoy the video of MAXX killing it with true style!

Thanks for all the great stuff guys, and congrats on such an awesome piece! For more info on MAXX242 and the Wild Ones hit up the links for their sites!

Mezco Customs - San Diego Comic Con 2009

These were some amazing custom creations on hand at the Mezco booth at this years SDCC. There was a whole flurry of artists that were involved with this, and they all turned out amazing. These customs were done on the new designer vinyl toy from Mezco and 60+ famous artists participated! Enjoy the video I threw together, as well as all the great pictures of the amazing custom creations! Be sure to CLICK THROUGH for all the photos from this event!

The Big Lebowski QEE - San Diego Comic Con 2009

At this year's SDCC there was a surprise for fans of The Big Lebowski and Qee. In one of the many display cases in the ENTERTAINMENT EARTH booth, along with the wide array of action figures from the cult film - fans found two 2.5" Qees based on the Big Lebowski. While these are only prototype concepts - early reactions have been positive.

"Killer" papercraft by Maarten

Maarten from 3Eyedbear created a great looking paper toy and his name is "Killer" and it has got pieces from famous movie-killers. This is the second paperkit especially for horrormagazine Bloeddorst. This is a great little papercraft, and I am really digging the accessories like the weapon. If you want to make this yourself you can download the template HERE!

Onorio Depiro's "Rusty Robot"

Onorio Depiro sent over some amazing photos of his 5" tall "Rusty Robot" figure. This awesome character is completely handmade and includes multiple points of articulation in the arms and feet. Onorio is looking to get this produced, and was wondering what the best method would be, and still be able to keep the articulation, any suggestions? This figure looks great, and I would love to see it in person, the rust grunge and the stance of the figure is just great and really makes this figure come alive!

Squadt - NOZZEL Specimen 002 'Launch Party'

This guy is the second piece of the launch party trio. The release date is set for Monday August 3, 12:00 Noon - Central Daylight Time. The webstore for this release is located HERE. NOZZEL S2 'LAUNCH PARTY' created by Jamungo is limited to 200 pcs. 6" vinyl, includes suit, 2 sets of arms, RPG, sMP5 machine gun and removable helmet. Price: $75 USD - this includes worldwide shipping via FEDEX
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