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StrangeKiss & MAD with a virtual signing • San Diego Comic Con 2009

Well Strangekiss had a ton of great stuff once again this year at Comic Con, this time around they released they awesome figure "Yeti" created by David Lanham. The Yeti came in three different versions created well known artists! The versions are as follows: MAD's (Gangsta Bill), Kozik's (Mantra Bill) , and David Lanham's (OG Bill). These are now available online for sale through the Strangekiss site HERE! That was just the tip of the iceberg, they also had customs for sale by artist Jon Paul Kaiser (London) and Wuzone (Spain), as well as many new prototypes of the Fetch and Maxswell figures by David, as well as a new proto by Kozik and a really cool figure of Twitterrific’s "Ollie" was also there in 2 versions!

On top of all the amazing stuff mentioned above they did a virtual signing with MAD, where from the comfort of his studio back in Kansas City he chatted live with Comic-Con onlookers and actually did sketches where those sketches were printed out at the booth! It was awesome to see, and the video above shows MAD talking with fellow KC artist Scribe, and other fans. It was too funny when KanO and Joe Ledbetter popped by and said hello, they posed with the computer screen as MAD did as well! The future of Comic-Con where artists can just stay at home is here! CLICK THROUGH for more pictures in slide show format!

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