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Ritzy Periwinkle and BIC's "BIC BUDDY" release at San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Ritzy Periwinkle is one of those amazing artist where her work and her personality really light up the room they are in, and I had the pleasure to meet and chat with her at this years Comic-Con! In the video Ritzy talks about how she became involved with BIC Plastics and more importantly how she was chosen to be apart of the new mini-series of vinyl toys called "BIC Buddy". She is such an amazing person, and her art is fantastic, so take some time to watch the video!

Ritzy’s design shows off the wings accessory, adding a new dimension to the standard figure shape. She says “I only had a couple of days to create two design options for BIC Plastics,” explains Ritzy. “The chosen design was inspired by my experiences of Dia De Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico, as well as the ongoing struggles of women all over the world, the revolutionary acts we commit on the daily and the incredible strength of my mom, who passed away 14 years ago.” The Bic Buddy figures will be distributed in the USA by DKE toys and in Taiwan by Pixie.

Also to note that there is going to be 3 release parties for this series. Starting August 15 Bic Plastics will have 3 Releases in 3 Major Cities. If you're in L.A, N.Y or Chicago come out and meet the artists!

Los Angeles
August 15 @ Crewest Gallery 6PM-9PM
110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-8272 ph
Signing Artists in L.A: David Flores, Jesse Hernandez, Marka27, Angry Woebots, Ritzy Periwinkle

New York
August 21st @ ToyTokyo 6PM-9PM
Toy Tokyo Retail Store
121 2nd Ave 2F. NYC, NY 10003
Phone: 212.673.5424
FAX: 212.673.5450
Signing Artists in N.Y: Sket, Kano, Cope2, Indie84, Marka27

August 22nd @ Rotofugi 5PM-8PM
1953 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Call 866.953.9229 or 312.491.9501 or emailrotofugi@rotofugi.com
Signing Artists in Chicago: Jesse Hernandez, Marka27

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