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Plastic Empire presents: Jimmy "Pinoy" edition vinyl figure release from 8PM!

The folks over at Plastic Empire just recently announced the release of 8PM's rad "Pinoy" edition Jimmy vinyl figure... Tand this Pinoy Colorway celebrates the heritage of Filipino artist @8_pm and is dropping HERE on Wednesday, June 12th at 5pm PST in honor of Philippines Independance Day! These stand 8" tall, feature royal blue, crimson red, with white, along with the golden-yellow sun that showcases the eight primary rays to represent the original eight provinces that rebelled against the Spanish during the 1896 Philippine Revolution... a colorway based on the countries flag! Limited to only 150 pieces... retailing for just $69 a pop - you can't find a cooler figure for a better price - be sure to visit thier site HERE at the above date and time, and go quick though, these will sell out! (check out our DCON booth tour HERE and subscribe if you haven't yet)!

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