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Say hello to "Douglas", a tiny mushroom art toy created by Betty!

Jacob Betteridge aka Betty, a new toy artist from Canada, is no stranger to the scene as he has produced works in the past for Okedoki, Scribe, and Akinori Oishi... well, now he's releasing his first original toy, and yeah... this shroom is adorable. Introducing "Douglas", a 4" tall resin art toy with tons of spunk - just look at his tongue sticking out and his docile demeanor! "In a quaint garden nestled behind a rustic cottage, a tiny mushroom with mischievous eyes, sprouted arms and legs, setting off on a quest to dominate the vegetable patch. With each minuscule step, it wreaked havoc, toppling tomato plants and trampling tender herbs. The garden's inhabitants trembled as the tyrant ruled with a tiny but mighty fist." Limited to just 35 pieces and up for grabs HERE this Thursday, June 13th at 9am PST for $75 a pop, don't miss out on this drop!

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