New from Mighty Jaxx - ROBBi x Lamborghini "Thunderstorm" edition!

Meet ROBBi x Lamborghini Thunderstorm, a bold fusion of Lamborghini's supercar aesthetic and contemporary youth culture trends. Wrapped in gunmetal gray liquid metal, this figure captures the essence of a gentleman's style with unruly coolness. Produced by Mighty Jaxx, this pays homage to Lamborghini's iconic features, the figure boasts sharp lines, a unique diamond-shaped mirror mask, and dynamic detailing inspired by the stepped design of the engine compartment cover. The feet, arms, and ears are also dotted with lines based on the air intake grille on the side of the luxury car’s body.
ROBBi x Lamborghini Thunderstorm celebrates automotive excellence and contemporary style, breaking through the battlefield of glory with precision and the spirit of exploration. This collectible comes in two sizes: 400% ($139) and 1000% ($599), with a special Lamborghini cap. Snag them up HERE this Saturday, November 18th at 6am PST!

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