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6Forest x Dave Cooper - EVE resin art multiple!

Are you familiar with Dave Cooper's "Eve"? "Eve" is a limited edition sculpture designed by the Canadian artist Dave Cooper, who began his career as a graphic novelist, then a creator of animated tv shows before delving into oil painting. Let's dive into the details of this handcrafted and hand-painted sculpture by 6·Forest and explore the concept behind its design.
The "Eve" Sculpture: "Eve" is a 10.2" tall resin sculpture, handcrafted and painted. The piece captures the essence of the artist's distinctive style: peculiar landscapes where characters engage in a variety of lustful behaviors. Cooper explores hedonism and body image in search of his own ideal of beauty and sexuality. This piece is a limited edition, with only 50 pieces worldwide.
The Puzzle-shaped Base and the Grand Landscape: A distinctive feature of the work is its puzzle-shaped base. This design choice is not merely an aesthetic decision but represents a core part of the concept behind the piece and the entire ensemble. The artist's idea is for "Eve" to form a complete landscape alongside other characters from his work “Bosco Cooper, 2018” (oil on canvas): Caliper (Devil), Yardstick (God), Atom (Adam), and Yves Stroffe (Eve). Each sculpture includes a print that showcases a fragment of this artwork, allowing collectors to appreciate in detail the inspiration behind the sculpture. Head on over HERE right now to pick this up for €550 ($588) right now!

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