Chubs Vorhees wants to KILL to be in your collection!

Are you ready to dive into the dark and mysterious world of Chubs Vorhees? 🔪 Unmask the Intrigue... Chubs Vorhees, created by artist B1ts, dons the iconic mask and wields the menacing machete of the legendary horror icon. Every detail is meticulously crafted to bring this nightmarish character to life, making Chubs Vorhees the perfect addition to your collection of designer toys.
There will be 3 versions of Chubs. Chubs "OG" Limited to 15 - $35 ea. + shipping • Chubs "Vorhees (all black)" limited to 20 pcs - $45 ea. + shipping • Chubs "Vorhees (AP) blood splatter mask" limited to 5 pcs - $55 ea. + shipping. Each figure come with a customized box, 1 resin bottom holder with a hidden signature, 1 resin puck for display, and 1 hand painted chubs figure! Snag them up HERE right now!

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