Toy Art Gallery presents: Martin Ontiveros' SKULLION "Damnation" edition!

Embrace the infernal allure of Toy Art Gallery as we unleash the diabolical manifestation of Martin Ontiveros' SKULLION! Witness the malevolent power of the Skullion Damnation Edition, painstakingly crafted in sulfurous yellow soft vinyl, and adorned with mesmerizing gradient sprays that evoke the very essence of the underworld. Prepare to be entranced by its demonic charm and fiendish beauty! Designed by Martin Ontiveros, sculpted by Turtlemilk Studios, and produced by Toy Art Gallery. The SKULLION Damnation Edition includes a guitar and knife and will be available this Friday 7/28 at 12PM PST at www.toyartgallery.com for $75!

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