O N E, T W O, T H R E E... special editions announced from Blamo Toys!

Our friends at Blamo have just announced a small special release... and like all their drops, these are very exclusive and very limited! First up... C E R A M I C . T I M E S T H R E E • Three 7-inch Ceramic figures with brass faces, their 3 production ceramic friends, Billy, Birdman, and Minky now available in a limited edition with hand forged brass masks. Editions of 10 each. First release online now... HERE!
Next up, H U G . T I M E S T W O • Rose Sapphire and Smoky Quartz HUGS. Blamo's special edition HUG has the same gorgeous teak physique with hand selected gem eyes. Choose from rose sapphire or smoky quartz peepers. This heart dazzler comes in a limited edition of 10 of each style... get 'em HERE!
Lastly, PSYCHONAUT BILLY . T I M E S O N E • This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND customized Billy by artist Tim Farrell @artiststylie. Tim is a flame worker specializing in glass etching. He hand etched and flame treated Billy to create a relief on this special piece. There is only 1! Snag this up HERE right now!

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