AllRightsReserved x DDT x Javier Calleja - "No Wings To Fly" vinyl art sculpture announced!

The folks over at DDT (AllRightsReserved) are excited to announce their latest collaboration with artist Javier Calleja, the exclusive sculpture “NO WINGS TO FLY”! Javier mentions “To fly was always a dream of mine as a child and this is why NO WINGS TO FLY is mimicking birds wings or feathers with his outstretched fingers.” This mixed media figure (Vinyl & Crystal Glass) measures 10" tall, is an edition of 888 pieces and each has a printed signature and numberd foot! These are up for a lottery right now HERE for a chance to purchase and that will run until January 8th at 9pm PST! If picked, this will set you back HK$6,280($804)! Good luck if you plan on entering.

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