K.Olin tribu "Spray Paint: Polka Dot" in porcelain by NooN!!!

More porcelain... yes please! The folks over at K.Olin tribu are proud to present their next collaboration with the French artist "NooN" - as they worked together to take one of the most iconic tools to urban artists, the spray can, and turned it into porcelain. Limited to 50 pieces, this 7.5" tall sculpture features a gloss with finish embellished with a fun "Polka Dot" pattern... this 3rd colorway is ready to make its way into your collection! Up for grabs HERE right now for $204 a piece, each comes delivered in a collectible wooden case. Just like all the art pieces from K.Olin tribu, these aren't for everyone, but for those of you who have that extra cash... these are amazing looking high-end art collectibles!

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