PEPPERJERRY's Urban Devil - "The Rooster" (Original Color Edition) pre-order announced!

PEPPERJERRY, Urban Devil® IP Founder, creator, artist, designer from Taipei, Taiwan recently sent word about his most recent release... "The Rooster" (Original Color Edition) Vinyl Figure pre-order launched! About The Rooster: "The Rooster is an enormous powerful devil robot, born of Hellfire, constructed with a demon soul metal, and as devil brother and belongs to a Devil Haze Family. The Rooster and Urban Devil are a pair of teenage dumb devils, true friendship and brotherhood are like dumb evil laughs, lack of intelligence, crazy humor, out of control, and the goal of agitation - against a long-term stupid enemy Dirty Angel AMURA!" - what an interesting story for an awesome creation!
This figure stands a whopping 11" tall and features a smaller 3.5" Urban Devil pilot that actually sits inside the cockpit/head area... so cool! This vinyl figure has 13 points of articulation and is highly detailed, from end to end - this is a quality collectible - and took over 2 years to make! If you are interested in the pre-order, head on over HERE right now to secure your very own for $299 a pop!

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