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"Star Traveler" custom Space Puppy from Ahnsim Factory & Han Ning!

Who let the dogs out?!?! Han Ning of Aichiaile is happy to announce the 30th artist custom edition Puppy Tang created by Ahnsim Factory from Korea... introducing "Star Traveler"! "The stars are shining and the stars are golden. The spaceship carrying space boy and space puppy has just sailed out of the long dark galaxy. What kind of stars will be encountered in this golden star? Searching through the Interstellar Life Probe, space boy and space puppy decide to travel to the planet Ahnsim. Here they met a group of small and lovely Kong and Sweet-B bear, and listened to the story about golden birds." This custom Space Puppy is limited to just 3 pieces and stands 5.5" tall! Retailing for $200 each, if interested in buying them, send over an email to aichiaile@sina.com to let Han know you would like one for your collection!

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