Collectable London Art Toys by Fancy Lamp... live on Kickstarter!

Joseph Lattimer and Caitlin Derer are a studio located in London called Fancy Lamp and have recently created a line of art toys based on historical movers and shakers of the capital as a passion project. They're a super cute addition to the bookshelf and come with colorful packaging and numbered collectors card... and their goal with this project is to essentially reimagine the souvenir - something well designed, long-lasting, and full of personality to keep interesting stories resonating with audiences around the globe... and if you ask me, they have done just that!
Love the style of these figures and if you do as well, they are up on Kickstarter HERE right now! Pledge at a number of levels to secure your very own figures, which feature: The Queen & Royal Corgi, Henry VIII & Royal Ham, Beefeater & Raven, Shakespeare, and Sherlock. Standing unsupported at 2.7"-4.3" tall, this campaign will run from now until November 4th, and with a goal of just £3300 towards production... they are sure to hit some of their strech goals! Head on over HERE right now to help get this project funded!

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