100% Soft x Daniel Danger - Dumpster "House" Fire vinyl art toy release announced!

Truck Torrence, and his 100% Soft brand, are happy to release a brand new collaboration between 100% Soft and illustrator, printmaker, and grilled cheese lover, Daniel Danger! Just in time for June Gloom, its Daniel Danger's Dumpster House Fire vinyl figure. Truck mentions "I have been a fan of Daniel's excruciatingly detailed work for a long time and I wanted to see what his version of our classic lil Dumpster Fire would look like and he did not disappoint." - and I too have been a fan of the work that Daniel has done over the years, so this is such a cool collab to see come to life!

Danger transformed the Dumpster Fire into a completely reimagined concept of a haunted house on fire, cast in blue vinyl and featuring a hidden figure embedded in the resin flame. This will release at Static Medium this Saturday, May 28th from 11am - 1pm PST where you can get your Dumpsters signed by the artists who will be in attendance⁣ - not to mention other amazing releases as well!

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