Second Annual GROWLOWEEN with Lulubell x TDK!

All treats, no tricks! Join us this Saturday for the 2nd annual GROWLOWEEN from the Devils Kaiju! Three sweet new micro runs and three one-offs are in the goodie pail for this year's GROWLOWEEN! All items will be up for grabs online this Saturday, October 23rd at 9am Pacific Time exclusively via lulubelltoys.com. MAX 1 each per household please so more gals & ghouls out there can get a sofubi treat!
Death Leopard Daruma run - orange base vinyl with metallic green face & all over airbrush leopard spotting. $50usd + shipping. *MAX 1

Bubble Gum Ghoulies micro run set (Aleister by The Devils Kaiju + Ghouldhead by The Last Zectron) Bubble gum pink vinyl with lavender, purple & orange sprays and hand painted detailing. Includes bell charm and plastic leash. $90usd each + shipping. *MAX 1

Everlasting GØDstoppers (3 painted one-offs) $150 each + shipping.

NEW Ahura Mazda "2001: A Spaced Oddity" micro run (debut of Ahura Mazda which is a Daruma/GØD mash-up!) Red base vinyl with platinum & all over holographic sprays, black, red & white paint detailing. Includes skull club accessory. Micro run of 7, $150usd + shipping. *MAX 1

(all photos by Robert Howell/Manic Images)

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