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ONE PEACH : ONE LOVE by Fatlane Toys - Preorder!

The folks over at Fatlane Toys continue to create some seriously interesting designer art toys... and this go around, they are turning their sites onto the Mushroom Kingdom with what they are calling the 'ONE PEACH : ONE LOVE'! This is a Pirate's Love Story, One Peach only One Love "The only treasure I won't let anyone else have." This figure features a Mario'esque figure in shackles, looking defeated as he kneels looking longingly at his peach in an open chest full of gold coins that is at the base of a flag. To be honest, I'm not really sure what this is in reference to... but it looks cool, lol! It's going to be made to order, but capped at 300 pieces.... and you can pre-order this HERE right now from our friends over at Strangecat Toys for $495 (ships February 2022).

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