3DRetro x Camille Rose Garcia - Vultura Macabra "Neon Forest" edition announced!

The folks over at 3Dretro are excited to announce another colorway of the super striking Vultura Macabra vinyl art toy from artist Camille Rose Garcia. A creepy vulture standing on a skull wearing a top hat and holding an umbrella... all rocked out in what they are calling the "Neon Forest" edition, for obvious reasons, of course! This colorway features purple, green, blues, and a muted tea green that doubles as GID (glow in the dark)... yup, it GLOWS! This 14” figure will release this Friday, October 22nd via the 3Dretro Popshop Live channel at 3PM PST and later on their website HERE for international buyers! Each figure will be available for $149.99 and limited to 200 pieces!

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