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DKE Toys Presents #DKECON 2024... a LIVE virtual online convention!

DKE Toys Presents the 4th Annual #DKECON... this all kicks off on March 22, 2024 at 12pm Pacific... and yes, this is a virtual event! Can you believe it's the fourth annual LIVE standalone virtual event... #DKECON 2024! The online store will go live with all of the new #DKECON editions at 12pm Pacific Friday March 22nd.
If you want to be part of the action join the crew at 11:30am Pacific LIVE on Zoom as they record the latest episode of DKE Toys TV. Dov will be joined by Co-Hosts Janky, Scott Cherry, and Ian Wilcox. Please join thru the zoom link to chat with the crew. DKE will have over 20 exclusive releases from artists including: Abrakadapoof • Buzzard Guts • Carlos Ramirez • Chicken Burger Disco • Edwin Salas • Folklore Industries • GaboZeta • General Porpoise • grayskulltoys • Katerpillar • Kii Arens • Mark Todd • Pendragon • Scott C. • Seth Relentless • Sir Collect-A-Lot • Whistling Pony • and more... and all orders come with the new Count Draco Knuckleduster card FREE with purchase (1 per household while supplies last).

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