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"Legend in my Pocket" From Simian Cheese & Gerald Okamura!

Fresh from the Cheese Mill comes Legend In My Pocket. Sculpted by El Rojo, inspired by the Legend himself, Gerald Okamura and beautifully packaged by Worst Toy Ever Design. Every Legend has been hand cast by the Cheese Master himself, Simian Cheese, in GID hard resin (smooth-cast 325). Each one glows with the pure energy of Master Okamura - Green Legend grows green (go figure), Blue Legend glows Blue (yep) and the Orange Legend glows.... red. Each comes in a holo bag specifically designed to contain the power within. This is an EDC figure, one for your pocket to remind to play a little. Maybe not play in your pocket... take him out first... because you never know what people will think. Snag one up HERE for just $13 a pop!

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